50 Cent Shares Wendy Williams’ “Before & After Make-Up” Photos

50 Cent Shares Wendy Williams

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I predicted yesterday that ’s insults towards weren’t the last we would hear from him regarding the reported divorce scandal. Despite the fact that Wendy still hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors, the internet has been going crazy with all of the speculation. People have been commenting on the cheating allegations across social media with establishing himself as a leader in the trolling race. Yesterday, he reposted a report saying that Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, were headed towards a divorce after he allegedly got another woman pregnant, and now, he’s decided to make fun of the TV host’s looks.

Wendy and Fiddy have long been enemies with much of the trolling coming from Curtis’ side. It’s no different today with Fif sharing “before and after” make-up photos of the host. The bottom photo shows a regular image of Wendy on her daytime talk show while the above picture is of a legitimate monster. Clearly, 50 doesn’t consider her a ten.

On his own post yesterday, Fiddy commented that Kevin Hunter should be awarded a trophy for even staying with Wendy for such a long time. Williams has been critiqued for being overtly mean on her show and some are saying that this is simply karma. Nobody really deserves to be going through something this wild, though, whether it’s true or not.


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